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Dates of Asia Review

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Everyone likes a freebie, right? Beer tastes crisper, fruit is sweeter, if it’s free. What if you’re offered a free luscious-looking bite of a juicy red apple, and when you sink your teeth in you find out it’s hollow inside? Pretty disappointing. Well, if you’ll excuse our somewhat obscure fruit metaphor, this hollow apple experience is a little bit what it’s like to use Dates of Asia.

The site claims that it’s the “fastest growing relationship site on the web” which specializes in “helping beautiful Asian women find men from all over the world.” Sounds pretty good, right? Well in principle the website has a few things going for it. Not only is it free but you can instant message members or talk in chat rooms. The only thing is, it’s fairly empty and it’s not very well designed, making for a bit of a frustrating experience. 

Signing up is relatively pain free, although you do need to answer a fair few questions regarding your preferences, habits and so on. Thereafter it’s hard to know exactly how to proceed or how to identify which members you’d like to find out more about. You find yourself clicking buttons which don’t do much other than tell you about your profile, until you find the search feature. This is very underdeveloped and really leaves few options for you to choose from beyond location and gender. This is really of very little use when you want to find someone based on more than where they live.

The profiles are often very brief and offer insufficient information to get an idea of someone, unless they’ve written a decent message to help explain themselves to you. Photo quality is poor because the dimensions have been quite heavily restricted. This makes sense, as a free site they probably don’t have much money to spend on data storage, but it doesn’t help you in the search for romance. It also means some photos get squeezed or stretched into peculiar shapes, distorting a person’s face. Not good.

When we logged on there were only 25 members online at the same time, which is paltry when you consider that other sites have thousands of members online at similar times. The site does tell you when people log on, even if you’re not friends with them, and it’s easy to initiate a chat. You can also send messages in an email-style or make comments on their profile. There are chat rooms, which is a great idea, but nobody was in them (or had been for several hours) when we checked. So, what’s the point?

Although the site seems to suffer from low membership numbers, it is free. This means that if you catch people online then they are able to chat if they want to, increasing the likelihood of making contact and perhaps even dating at some point. However the site feels like a post apocalyptic wasteland, barely inhabited and falling apart at the seams here and there. We’re being a bit harsh, this could be useful if you don’t mind there being only a few people online. And it’s free, which is great if you’re strapped for cash. But in comparison to other sites out there, it just isn’t doing a great job.

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